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Dani Ocean

Former Alabama State Basketball Player

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Written by Malik Brown

Dani Ocean came from me playing basketball. It was kind of a dual name. One was for my teammates. They call me Dani Ocean because my shot was wet and then they called me that because of my drip and how I fix my clothes and they just love my style. 


I developed my style growing up. I didn't have much, but my dad always taught us to make sure if your stuff is ironed, and there are creases in your clothes, then you can make anything look good. That's why I developed my style. I always dress my outfits with socks, so I would normally wear a white t-shirt with cargo pants with some nice socks.


What inspired me to create Trap Smart was the discouragement of someone not wanting my first initial brand, Dani Ocean and then wanting to pivot and show kids to not give up on a dream. That’s when Trap Smart came about and I decided to go ahead and launch it during the pandemic because I wanted to make it perfect.


I was inspired by my brother wanting to play basketball. I saw that he was getting a lot of attention from my dad because I always wanted to be on an AAU team and he wouldn't let me because he thought I wasn't ready. I was determined to be on a team and I wanted my dad to coach me. That's what really inspired me to get into basketball and it was up from there. I just stuck with it through trial and error. It became a love for me eventually.


College basketball was tough, but I feel like there were so many lessons in it as far as wanting to go back home just because of the comfort of my mother and dad. They were always telling me that I had to stay out there and I could do this. My freshman year was kind of rough as far as being focused on coming here to play ball. I wanted to visit home too often. So my dad and mom made an appointment to come to all the games, and I had a good freshman year. I ended up starting towards the end of my career by just staying focused and motivated. 


I feel like my purpose is to serve and speak the good word through whatever it is that I'm doing. Right now I have my brand which is Trap Smart. I feel like I can serve and motivate others to stay focused on their goals, and take those risks that may feel uncomfortable, but knowing that if they do it, it will likely get them to where they need to be as far as achievement goes. I feel like I have found my purpose because your purpose can be anything as long as you're serving God. 

Creative Credits

Creative Direction: Nia Symone //  Tyrone McClendon

Video Editor x GFX Designer // Ethan Garner 

Photographer // Scoot Took It

Writer // Malik Brown

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