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Yoga With A Purpose

April 29, 2022


Yoga With A Purpose is an event that aims to bring athletes and non-athletes together for a day of wellness. Our goal is to create a community + safe space while educating our guests on the importance of mental + physical wellness, breaking the stigma of yoga among athletes + in our communities. We also encouraged our guests to network with one another throughout the event. 

Atlanta-based yoga instructor Malia Todd led a powerful Vinyasa Yoga flow. She also provided tangible items for our guests to use throughout their everyday lives, such as breathing, simple stretching, and meditation practices.

Athletes and non-athletes joined us in a 45-Minute practice. Throughout this practice, we focused on the importance of the power of breath in sport, injury prevention, mind, body, + wellness.

After the yoga flow, we provided our guests with nutritional snacks and refreshments from our sponsor, Powerade. We expressed to our guests the importance of maintaining healthy eating habits + staying hydrated.

Following the yoga flow, we hosted a goal-setting and networking session led by our team mental performance expert, Emmanuel Badru. Athletes and non-athletes had the opportunity to network with each other and set appropriate goals.


We would like to thank our sponsors:

Powerade, Compete And Takeover, Holistic Healing, IRPC, and The Primary Movement

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