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Rian Mobley | Augusta, GA

Georgia Southern University Track & Field Team Member

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Written by Malik Brown

"I think a lot of us that do play sports, we've done it so long that  we don't know who we’ll be without it. That was kind of my thing. Like, what is this? I've been doing this all my life, and what happens once I'm done?


I'm still competitive, but it's not as hard to the point I’m thinking I have to be first all the time. There's room for everybody to win at this point, and I think that's given me a lot of freedom and peace that I didn't have before. 


When I had to tell my coach I was done with track, I had a whole breakdown to be honest. He knew what I was saying, but I wasn't saying anything because I was too busy crying. 


After playing sports, I can say I'm still learning more about myself. I'm an artist and a storyteller. I am both of those things, and all those things. I explore and transcend time. I'm still timely and keep up with my schedule, because I think I will never be able to get rid of that part and getting up early, but it works in my favor."

Watch Rian's Interview

Creative Credits

Creative Direction: Nia Symone / Tyrone McClendon

Director of Photography: Scoot Took It

GFX by: Ethan Garner

Story Written by: Malik Brown

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